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Dr Patrick Chapman has enjoyed all aspects of practicing family medicine in Portland since 2003.  As a naturopathic physician, he has decided to circle back to his childhood

and work and live on the Pacific Coast. This has brought

him and his family closer to their love for mother nature

and the outdoors.  He is now practicing family medicine

from the heart of downtown Cannon Beach:  Point Wellness.


The City of Cannon Beach is bookended by two picturesque points, Silver Point on the south end and Chapman Point on the north end. Point Wellness was named after these two landmarks of the Northwest Coast.  Homeschool allowed him to involve his 11 year old daughter in the sketch of the logo (drawn to mimic the rocks at Chapman Point).  In the spirit of family medicine, his wife and children have been involved in the creation of our new family business. 


Over the years, Dr Patrick has developed clinical specialties in the following areas: orthopedics, regenerative injections, sports medicine, diabetes, and mental health.  


Please contact us (503-436-4282) to make an appointment at Point Wellness where we offer

holistic care to all.. 

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